Let us introduce our workshop to you. I wouldnt refer to it as a sweatshop. Thats a workshop where top men work, those who are proud of their trade and its output. The reason is this is where they belong: they are part of the unique items of wooden interior. Each one of the items bears the mark of their skill and experience.


Product engineers

Thats where our pencil and compasses geniuses work. They will turn a designers sketch into a faultless technical specification ready made for production. Before work starts the customer would view each part on a computer screen touching, evaluating and discussing the materials, picking up the varnish tint. Not a single thing is accidental. Not a chance for unpleasant surprises.



A master with no toolkit is like a rootless tree. Thoughtful attitude to work starts with careful treatment of the tools. Ours are clean and tidy at all times. They are debugged and adjusted. Skillful hands use such equipment accurately, to within 0.1 mm. Such precision is essential for ideal scribing and subsequent assembling and gluing.



Wood is given a second life in these premises. Its surface is polished, toned, and a thin layer of superfine varnish is applied; wood texture remains touchable but its protected from exposures and time effects. Due to that, youll be enjoying touching and smelling wood for many years to come.



Its here that the perfect parts are assembled into the perfect whole. Its done carefully with no haste. Wood value is increased by hours of sheer work and efforts of masters. With clockwork precision all parts are adjusted and fitted in. Separate parts make up a whole functional structure.



When a master does his job with great care he invariably gives your place part of himself. We do care about what we create. If our product happens to be damaged in operation well be happy to renovate it.

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